Soeul National Cemetery

From January 15 to January 28, 2014, I embarked on an educational venture to the land of TaeKwon-Do. Female university students or alumni from across the globe would participate in an international event that constituted volunteer work; various educational events, forums, and debates pertaining to the environment and global issues; and learn about Korean history and the ongoing strive for peace.

The journey began in Seoul, the capital of South Korea, where all the global ambassadors united. The peace mission began at Seoul National Cemetery in Dongjak-dong, Dongjak-gu, Seoul. We stood for a memorial service, and then lit incense during a ceremony at the entrance of the Memorial Tower. We then went inside the tower, to observe the breathtaking images of angels painted throughout the walls and ceilings. Marble tablets lined the walls with the names of over 104,000 South Korean soldiers who were declared lost in the battle of 1950-1953, but whose bodies were never found. A large statue stood at the centre of the tower, which covered the remains of over 7,000 unidentified soldiers’.

We stood in silence to remember all the patriots and martyrs who fought for Korea (in the war for independence from Japanese colonial rule, the Korean War, and the Vietnam war).

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