Big Sisters For The Day – Hwacheon, South Korea

On a cold, early morning, we all arose, put on many warm layers, and finished with a white jumpsuit to protect our clothing from the coal residue.

Yes, I said coal. That morning we were going to deliver coal to the needy homes in Hwacheon. Another thing I take for granted back home is the luxury of central heating. I enter my home filled with warm air. These people need to burn coal blocks to produce a space of heat. More time and energy to produce heat, but at least warmth against the harsh -15˚C weather outside. My frozen fingers and toes were temporary discomforts. Bringing coal to those families helped them survive the daily cold.

Later that day, we gathered inside a centre near an elementary school, where a fun afternoon of games and activities were going to held, as we were Big Sisters for the Day.

Meeting the children, as small as 3 years old, was beautiful. I love children: their excitement, playfulness, and keenness, and that day was my day to be a big child along with them.

From skipping, to 3-legged races, to learning how to make creative hand designs with elastics, it was a great way to end off our afternoon, and making many new, young friends. Although we were all split up into the Blue and Red Team, everyone was a winner in the end.

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